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Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award

Great Company With Winning Award, We Are Trend Maker

PhytoScience Sdn Bhd is a company on the concept of universal health and welfare ; continue forward in production . We are committed to helping individuals improve the quality of their health , both physical or financial stability . Established in 2012 with only a dream and hard work , PhytoScience based in Kuala Lumpur , is now a multi-million dollar company .

It starts at the top e – commerce platform that is technologically advanced and integrated , and has a vision to penetrate the global market . In the short time that is 18 months after its inception , PhytoScience monthly sales have jumped up to RM40 million , making it one of the HOTTEST MLM company in Malaysia .

“At PhytoScience, we are the Trend Maker. We’re in the Business of Life Transformation!”

Transformation is a bold commitment, but we do so with confidence. We believe that natural health and wellness seeks to change lives ,with our latest products , employees , and business opportunities available , we want to make it a reality everyday.

PhytoScience deliver stunning transformation through – P system is divided into four elements.

Products. Cutting edge, award-winning, scientifically proven & clinically researched, supported by Mibelle Biochemistry Switzerland. (Learn more about Mibelle Biochemistry and PhytoCellTec™ ) Our unique & exclusive formulas are innovative, and the results are real.

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Plan. PhytoScience rewards all its distributors with one of the most lucrative and balanced financial reward plans in the industry. Our lucrative financial reward plans are built-in with plentiful incentives all-year-round to enable our valued distributors to enjoy the journey to their dream life.

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Platform . PhytoScience do not adopt conventional marketing strategies . We integrated the latest information technology with sophisticated online platform .

People. Network marketing is all about people – “People’s Business”. It’s about fulfilling people’s needs, dreams and aspirations. PhytoScience emphasizes strongly in building the well-being of its distributors, customers, partners and staff. PhytoScience holds the belief and philosophy of “Your success is our Success” and shares an emotional reward no other networking company can match. Products Platform People Plans The culture of PhytoScience spirals from the core values and solidarity of our Founders in connecting people on a heart-to-heart level. As a result, our worldwide family of distributors, customers, partners and staff experience rewarding relationships based on mutual respect, care, trust, and love.

  • Become the world’s premier Health & Wellness company enriching the lives of people who yearns to be wholesome
  • To be the No. 1 ranking MLM company in Malaysia by year 2015.
  • To have a membership base of 1 million by year 2015.
  • To be the No. 1 ranking MLM company globally by year 2015.

To empower the lives and well-being of our members, partners, customers, and staff with the highest quality, scientifically proven & clinically researched products, innovative and best business opportunities.

  • Always committed to uncompromising product quality
  • Continue to innovate and provide utmost rewarding opportunity
  • Constantly provide excellent value-for-money products and services
  • Committed to create a caring, inspiring & a gratifying environment for our members, customers, partners and staff

Our Leadership

we are the Trend Maker



Founder & CEO

Dato’ Sri Lai Teck Peng founded PhytoScience with a passion of helping others and a love for business. Dato’ Sri Lai currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of Phytoscience, settling the vision and strategies for the company. Dato’ Sri Lai brings in more than 26 years of significant network marketing experience and track record as a successful network marketing entrepreneur as well as extensive leadership and operational management skills in global consumer-oriented businesses. He is also known for his capabilities and success in creating effective corporate systems, implementing key business strategies for Multi Level Marketing companies, excellent aptitude in product development, procurement, management information system, finance, as well as sales and marketing. On 26th November, 2013, Dato’ Sri Lai was bestowed the honorary title of Darjah Sri Sultan Ahmad Shah Pahang (SSAP) which carries the title “Dato’ Sri” by his Royal Highness The Sultan of Pahang.




Prior to joining PhytoScience as the advisor, Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Zaki served as the advisor to the National Consumer Complaints Centre and the Muslim Consumers’ Association of Malaysia (PPIM). He has a vast experience in logistics, corporate computerization, new business set-up, liaising with the Ministry of Health and also improvise of Islamic food and beverage standards for MLM companies.



Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer

Datin Sri’ Ela Tan brings in two decades of extensive experience in general management, accounting, auditing, finance, business development, procurement, inventory control and also leadership skills in the MLM industry. Prior to co-founding PhytoScience, she was involved in the auditing, budgeting and operations of MLM companies. In this multi-faceted role, Datin Sri’ Ela Tan works closely with PhytoScience’s CEO to oversee company finances and operations. She is directly responsible for the finance and accounting, operations, human resources, operational aspects of information technology and international departments.



Non-Executive Director

En. Ismail Zakaria possessed more than 15 years of experience in helping numerous MLM companies in Indonesia and Thailand build robust growth strategies, enter new markets and execute successful acquisitions and partnerships. He has helped many organizations significantly improve business performance through building the organizational capability needed to achieve breakthrough business strategies.




Legal Advisor

Mr. Ng is responsible for all legal affairs at PhytoScience. He holds an LLB (Hons) Degree from University of Malaya (2004). He began his career as the senior researcher at the Institute of Strategic Analysis and Policy Research (INSAP) from 2004 – 2006, Press Secretary for the Minister of Housing & Local Government from 2006 – 2008, joined Messrs. Gan & Zul, Messrs. Tan, Chua & Lawrence and later in 2012 established his own law firm – Law Chambers of Ng Kian Nam in Seremban.

Business Collaboration

a novel, innovative biotechnology for cultivating plant stem cells - opens up new possibilities in cosmetics.

In 2012 PhytoScience has the honour to enter a business collaboration with Dr Fred Zuelli, CEO of Mibelle Biochemistry Switzerland in the supply of scientifically proven, award winning and clinically researched active ingredients and formulations using the exclusive technique – PhytoCellTec™. Amongst others are:

  • PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica (Apple Stem cells)
  • PhytoCellTec™ Solar Vitis (Grape Stem cells)
  • PhytoCellTec™ Argan Stem Cells
  • PhytoCellTec™ DermCom
  • Snow Algae


Mibelle Biochemistry (Switzerland), designs and develops innovative, sustainable and high performing actives based on naturally derived compounds. Mibelle Biochemistry’s “Inspired by nature – Realized by science” motto guides its efforts at combining nature and science through a sustainable plant stem cell cultivation technique – PhytoCellTec™. Since its establishment 23 years ago, Dr. Zulli and his team of scientists have invented a large number of patent protected actives based on different and exclusive technologies.

The collaboration with Mibelle Biochemistry allows PhytoScience to market the popular and most sought after super food in the market – Double Stem Cells powder which earns PhytoScience the recognition as the biggest user of Apple Stem cells active ingredient in Asia. Mibelle Biochemistry has also awarded the Snow Algae worldwide exclusive distribution rights to PhytoScience.

Reward & Reconigtion

Asia Pacific Entrepreneurships Award

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